Real Estate Career

Join us imageJoin Our Team! Your Realty Link has been structured to help agents build their own business!

Janet Giles has been a Broker/Owner for most of her 40+ year career. Long before the Internet, videos or smart phones, real estate was a whole different business!  She was president of the independent brokers (IREIBA) in 2006, and is dedicated to sharing her years of knowledge in the business.

Your Realty Link has a great team concept if you are an experienced agent looking for a growth opportunity or if you wish to remain a single agent and build your business without the headaches of managing an office.  Our caps are reasonable and our offices are a no-drama environments! Janet Giles has also set up mentoring programs for one-on-one help to new agents.

If you are interested in talking with us, please give Janet a call and set up a time. We think you will love what we have to say!

What Agents Say About YRL:

"Having my own Team at YRL is just like being in business for myself - without some of the management headaches!" Brenda

"I wanted one on one mentoring...and that's what I get with being at Your Realty Link. Janet is always available to answer my questions".  Daniel

"I met Janet at a large franchise and didn't hesitate to join her when she started Your Realty Link.  I've told many agents that she was my mentor and helped me achieve the success I have today in the real estate business. Dan C

What an awesome training meeting with the greatest Broker ever.  She always amazes me with all her awesome knowledge!  Ashley

Lisa and I formed a team right away when we joined YRL.  It has worked out great for us and we have learned how to not only share our real estate clients and give awesome service, but we have also learned that two dedicated agents are better together!

You Are Not an Employee but an Independent Contractor and Your Income is Set by YOU.

Real estate agents at YRL (and most companies) are paid based on the volume of sales that you close. A normal commission would be 3% of the price of the home for an agent for one side of the transaction. Multiply that times the total sales for the year and you can see that your income is truly based on your efforts. Of course, in most cases, you pay a portion of that commission to your brokerage that holds your license.

Long Hours? Vacations? Time Off?
Sell more…earn more. It’s up to you. Work hard…play hard. That is a motto for many agents. Spend dedicated hours in real estate, build your business and earn time off. Your income AND your life style is what you make it!

How Much Does It Cost to Get Started?
Let’s talk about this. You will need about $2500 to get into business for the first year, but where else can you invest this small amount of money for a career that has unlimited potential? It is truly a golden opportunity for those who want to dedicate and plan a great life and career and realize that working hard toward a goal is what is important!

WE HAVE A PLACE!   If you are interested in comparing YRL to your current brokerage or if you are a new agent looking to have a mentor, give us a call. Janet's cell is 317.997.7404 or you can email to setup a confidential time to meet.