Military Discount

Military_1412907325381  We Work With Veterans

Dad was a two time Bronze Star recipient in World War II.  He never told anyone, including me.  I only found out when I was making his funeral arrangements.  He never talked about his service except during the last year of his life and that was very limited.  He was a proud Veteran and he had seen more than anyone should ever have to see in the South Pacific when he was only 18.  As Broker of Your Realty Link, I am proud that 100% of my agents welcome the opportunity to work with our military. We offer an incentive to active and honorably discharged Veterans.  Just let us know that you are military (and sign a Buyer’s Agreement or Listing Contract with us) and we will offer a monetary incentive on listing your home and/or closing costs on purchasing your home.  We will match the USAA incentives. Note: We already give all of our sellers a reduced fee listing of 2% and that is more than any incentive that a franchise agency will most likely give you.

Melissa Wyatt at Ruoff Mortgage will also offer a free appraisal or some other incentive for Veterans.  She can be found here and you can email her at