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Trusted Partners

handshake in office We have formed relationships through trusted partners and every chance we get, we like to refer them to both buyers and sellers.


Lenders – using a lender who will find the right loan for you is very important. Great agents have formed great partnerships with lenders that they have constant communication with and trust their help with buyers. We trust these lenders and highly recommend them; however, these loan officers are not the ones. Your agent may have recently worked with a lender that they will suggest to you. Get pre-approved – it is the first step to finding your dream home. Apply for a loan (and leave this site to a secured lender site) by visiting any of the lenders below:

Melissa Wyatt –Ruoff Mortgage – (812) 639-2041 Apply at:
Cindy Bell – Elements Financial – (317) 524-5056 Apply at: Elements Financial
Jim Easton – Wells Fargo Home Loans (317) 694-3428 Apply at: Wells Fargo

Home Inspectors – just like lenders, home inspectors have earned our respect ‘and business’ because they are dependable, give us excellent service and take the time to explain to our buyers what is a major concern and what is routine maintenance. As a buyer, you will like and appreciate any of these companies below:

Jim Schwarz, CPI – Center Grove Inspections – (317) 535-5108
Tim Paino – HouseMaster Home Inspections – (317) 209-9100

Cleaning Service – Nothing is better than help when you are trying to relocate. Having a before the move-in or after the move-out help is great! (Maybe your Realtor will even arrange a few hours of cleaning as a gift for you).

Green Apron Cleaning Service – call Michele – (317) 727-3121

Homeowner’s Insurance – Homeowner’s insurance will be required at closing and is a must to protect your home and family from any unfortunate events to the home.

Wenclewicz Insurance – Ashe Abebe – (317) 288-5099
State Farm – David Phillips – (317) 903-8631

Contractors – Our list is growing. Anyone on our lists, including contractors, have been used ‘happily’ by one or more of our agents.

New Wave Home Solutions “Specializing in Heating, Air and Duct Cleaning” Dustin Fish (317) 985-3567
Morris Construction – Benjamin Silvers – (317) 919-8335 (general contractors)
Hays and Sons – Michael Hawkins – (317) 788-0911 (general contractors)
Dorvay Solutions LLC – Karsten D. Sweatt – (317) 373-4587 (general contractors)

Home Warranty Companies – Oftentimes the Seller will pay for your first year of a home warranty. Always remember to contact the warranty company first before having any contractor out to your home. There is also a deductible due from you when the service is performed.

Home Warranty of America – Amie Gaddis – (317) 801-2736
Residential Warranty Services – (317) 573-2088

Title Companies – Your Realty Link has a small percentage of ownership with a title company called Title Alliance. Whether you are a buyer or seller, you will need to sign a disclosure form indicating that you are aware of our relationship.
Title Alliance – Nancy, Tim or Kristina – (317) 884-9327
Chicago Title Insurance – Jamie Kester – (317) 679-3368

Need another referral? Want to be a Trusted Partner? Contact Us by completing the form below and let us know what you need.

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